Setting up your Solar eCRM account

Setting up your Solar eCRM account

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To ensure the automation of your business processes, it is important to enter in key information when first setting up your company’s Solar eCRM system. Company details, user accounts and product details all have to be specified. It is a way of making your Solar eCRM your own.  You are determining that the system operates the way you want it to, for you and every one of your users.

The more information you enter when setting up your company, the more accurate and efficient your system’s functioning will be. Follow the steps as below;



Input your company details

Set basic company details and add your corporate branding

  • Add your company logo and details to show up on your quotes, sale contracts and email quote formats.
  • Update parameters such as companywide maximum discount rate used while quoting for Solar PV systems, STC rates and more.
  • Decide on the format and appearance of your email and print-out quotes as well as invoices.


Create User accounts

Give access to chosen people in your organisation and see how their productivity improves using Solar eCRM tools.

  • Add a Sales agency, Sales agent or any user that you require- These users are given access to the system and can start: managing leads, sending quotations (after you finish adding your company's Products or Packages) and placing orders.


Add your Products range

Have 100s of solar systems at your fingertips when you need them!

  • Your Products are entered here with panel and inverter information, cash and full price as well as the opportunity to enter technical details and product brochures. Now you can select a system without the hassle of finding information on each system every time!

Log in to your Account

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Frequently Asked Questions (Support)

Am I required to customise my quotes?

There are a number or quote templates in-built into the system that you can choose from and start sending to customers from the get-go. Your company’s logo will already appear on these quotes. You also have the opportunity to fully customise quotes to be consistent with your companies branding.

Do I have to update STC Pricing regularly?

It is important to update your STC (small-scale technology certificate) price regularly. As the STC appears on any quote you send out, in the form a rebate, updating your STC price ensures that you are quoting systems at a price that optimises your profit.

Do I have do add X number of users

To ensure effective automation it is practical to have: System Administrator, Admin, Sales Agency, Sales Agent and Installer accounts. It is possible to have less accounts then this but we have had the best results with the current process. 

What do I Do if I want more Users?

No problem, you can upgrade your account at any time. Just give the Solar eCRM team a ring or email and we will do the rest for you. We also understand if you wish to downgrade your account, just contact us and we will assist you.

How am I going to be billed?

After each month you will be billed (the amount you will charged will be dependent on which account type you hold). Final prices will include GST (if applicable).

How does Solar eCRM help me in installation process?

Solar eCRM automates all the paperwork involved in installation for you! Job packs are sent to installers with the customer’s site details to minimise mistakes. Connection forms are ready to be submitted to ensure that your customer gets the most out of their solar system.

Is a lot of customisation required?

Solar eCRM is an ‘off the shelf’ system. We have done all of the hard work making sure that every feature in Solar eCRM exists to benefit solar businesses. The system however remains very flexible with options to customise certain aspects  of the system to be in line with how your business operates.

How does the Trial period work?

You can try out the full version of Solar eCRM to see if it suits your companies’ needs. Simply sign up for the plan of your choice and enjoy unlimited access for the first month. We will only charge you at the end of the month if you are completely satisfied and want to continue!

Here is what our happy customers want to say

Exceptional reporting in easy, access to latest info at your fingertips.

Imminent Solar Pvt Ltd, Belgaum, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It is a must have software for this new age of solar where it is becoming more and more of a commodity.

Infinergy Power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Adds tremendous value in automation and ease of running a successful solar company.  A fresh entrant in solar business can begin sending professional quotes with all the ROI figures at a push of a button. 

Solar-Apps, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It’s an exclusive software for solar companies which can easily send professional quotations. Only software where in we can customize it as per our process.

MI Solar Pvt Ltd, Baroda, Gujarat
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Suits our requirements, software that we always needed to streamline our process.

Kwatt Solutions Pvt Ltd, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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